Why You Should Be Loyal To Your Video Producer

What does any brand want from a strong marketing strategy? They want their audience to understand their brand, to connect with who they are, and ultimately they want those viewers to resonate with those messages so much that they convert to customers.

The best tool any marketing strategy has in 2017 to help with that conversion is video.  In the Middle East in particular the statistics for video consumption are skyrocketing.

Research from Cisco shows that 69% of consumer Internet traffic in 2017 will be dedicated to video. With mobile penetration being so high, mobile watch time in the MENA region is one of the fastest growing in the world, rising by 90% year on year, with the UAE growing at an even faster rate than the global average at 120%.

Petrochemicals, Aviation, Investment Funds, Molecular Gastronomy…

Whatever the industry, whatever the field… a good producer can create a masterful and impactful piece of content or even develop a full video campaign to be the centerpiece of your marketing strategy. Why? Because regardless of the subject matter, they have had years of training and experience in understanding the psyche of what makes people tick.

By spending some time assessing how your brand and organization works, they know exactly how to translate their newfound knowledge into an impactful and creative emotional and engaging piece of work.

Regardless of the topic, it’s always that tug at the emotional heartstrings that makes the sale. People connect with people.  A producer or a production company that has been working with your brand will understand how and where your USPs lie and how to bring out the emotional angle and ensure that the story comes through in the narrative so its not just about bricks and mortar but about the company ethos and allowing that to shine through captivating cinematography, thought provoking scripts, and ultimately emotional scenes that you connect with that will lead to the conversions your brand needs.

The longer a producer works with your brand, the deeper the understanding they get as they themselves start to embody the culture and it emanates in the production.  It becomes more natural.  Every new video in the campaign is an extension of the previous one.  The process becomes smoother as the learning curve gets shorter and shorter, till eventually the producer begins to understand the client so well and the psyche of selling their brand becomes second nature.

Unfortunately, we live in a fickle society and the video industry is a competitive market where the price game is becoming more and more important.  I have seen many brands make decisions with their pockets and not with their neurons over the last year.  Whilst I understand the importance of watching the bottom line, the value of working with a producer who becomes an extension of your brand and team has no price tag.

The results that your marketing campaign can achieve and the direct impact that your videos can make on conversions are usually tied to how well the person making the video understands your organization – so wouldn’t it make sense to work with people who have made the time investment and passed the learning curve in understanding you and your brand?

The next time you decide to shift your allegiance from one production company to the next purely to save your bottom line, have a think if shaving off those extra pennies now is actually costing you extra pounds in the end.

If you have any questions about your video communication requirements or the process of getting started with video please do get in touch and I would be happy to answer them.