About Ti22

Ti22 Films offers a full solution. A one stop production shop from beginning to end.

We are dedicated to the business of making sensitive, intelligent, persuasive, moving, effective and vibrant films.

Our namesake is a unique lustrous metal, Titanium or Ti22, revered for its superior strength and lightness of weight. It is an interesting and versatile metal able to plummet to the depths of the ocean or soar beyond the ozone into space.

It is Ti22’s incredible properties that have shaped our core values and motivate our thinking and our modus operandi.

That is why we are silver quick and feather light in our thoughts, creativity and ideas and our ability to turn around and action a project. We are flexible and adaptable in our production geared to facilitate every possible client requirement from creative inception to production to delivery.

And then of course we are willing to go to the deepest depths and soar beyond the boundaries of imagination to craft films that really do make an impact, motivate, excite and enthrall audiences.


Our approach

This is your video, so we ensure that we work with you every step of the way to achieve the results that you need.


01. Discovery

The first step for us is to find out what your brand’s needs are and how we can support you through our video solutions. Through meetings, we brainstorm ideas that would appeal to your audience, and suit your brand’s mission.


02. Planning

Our experienced producers create a customized proposal for your video, which includes the most creative and feasible video ideas, and the different budget options and what they include.


03. Action

Once the proposal is approved by you, we start planning the shoot, including writing scripts, setting up shoot locations and coordinating cast and crew. Now that everything is set, it’s time to film!


04. It’s a wrap

Once your video has been edited, we give you the chance to provide any feedback or changes that you would like. As soon as those are done, and you are happy with the final result, it’s a wrap!

Our credentials

Ti22 has been fortunate enough to work with some of the world's greatest organizations, local and international, small and large on a range of interesting projects including corporate brand films, TV Commercials, videos for events, broadcast projects and online content.

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