Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC)
Marketing Corporate Video

About the project

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Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) has a very large and impressive operation with several sub divisions that form part of the company. The team at ENOC often find themselves in presentations with international partners needing to introduce the group as a whole and in 2014 were looking for a more succinct way to give their partners an overview of the various sectors and services that were on offer. It was felt that a film could help the sales and marketing team communicate more effectively to international partners. The film had to clearly showcase each division and its operations, as these were usually contacts abroad, they would need to be given a clear peek into the physical sites. As well as this, it was important for ENOC to be positioned as a forward thinking partner for the future. Staying with the futuristic theme, inspired by Minority Report, we created a scenario where by our ENOC team are in a highly advanced office with touch screens and impressive graphics and information at their fingertips. We built a glass pane and used the stunning setting of Almas Tower in JLT to create the outline of our futuristic office and through extensive computer graphics brought the office to life. Our ‘Minority Report’ scenes act as a device in-between our more corporate overviews of each of the divisions. Another ambitious project with ENOC as it was important to film all of their services fully as the video is ultimately being used as a sales and marketing tool.
Awards & Achievement

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