Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC)
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About the project

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Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) approached us ten days before the opening of a brand new refinery. The refinery was going to be inaugurated by none other than His Highness Sheikh Mohammed and they needed an impressive video that would showcase the company, and its growth with this new expansion. One of the challenges ENOC has always faced is that it lacked a human touch. We decided to start our film through the exploratory eyes of a young boy trying to understand where energy comes from. What cooks our food? What moves our cars? It is gradually revealed that ENOC is behind it all. The film showcases the company infrastructure and concludes with ENOCs’ growth and new refinery. The biggest challenge we faced was the timeline of this ambitious production. To truly capture the scale of ENOCs’ operations we had to film all of their facilities across four packed shoot days – everything from their petrol stations to ports to refineries to trucks as well as our storyline with our young boy. Securing relevant permits for sensitive areas such as Dubai Airport and the Dubai Ports in a matter of days and pulling all the production requirements together successfully was one of the most ambitious projects we have undertaken. Thankfully all the elements fell into place with the shoot, which allowed us to start post-production simultaneously alongside animation as well, which 10 days later resulted in an impactful corporate brand film. The film went on to win a Finalist Award in 2012 at the New York Festivals International Television and Film Awards for ‘Cinematography’ and a revised version of the film won two Finalist Awards in 2013 in the categories of ‘Public Relations’ and ‘Business Theatre’.
Awards & Achievement

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