Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA)
Flying a Dream Corporate Video

About the project

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Dubai Civil Aviation Authority were celebrating 75 years of open skies, a milestone the DCAA reached in 2012 and needed a film that would highlight all of the key milestones that have brought success to the aviation sector and contributing to what it is today. The aspirational film documents the vision and the contribution of the Leaders of the Emirate of Dubai that led to the exceptional growth of the aviation industry and its monumental impact on the country’s economy, featuring sound bites and interviews from some of the influential participants in the history of the emirate’s aviation, including Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of the Department of Civil Aviation, CEO and Chairman of The Emirates Group and Chairman of Dubai World. The challenging task was to uncover 75 years worth of history and retrieve archive footage and material that would bring the personal stories to life. After delving through both local and international archives we were fortunate to source a fair amount of footage that helped realize our tale. To add an emotional angle to what could have been a very historical and factual documentary, we created a narrative of a young man reliving his grand fathers stories. This instantly allowed our audience to connect with him and his memories. The scenes were predominantly filmed in the Sharjah Aviation Museum as well as in Sheikh Saeed House and the Bastakiya area, along with some recreations at Dubai Airport and in a staged home setting as well. The film was shown at an awards ceremony in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, where various dignitaries and key individuals were thanked for their contributions to the aviation industry. This film went on to win both a Gold World Medal at the New York Festival International Television and Film Awards as well as two Finalist Awards and a Silver Dolphin at the Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards in 2014.

Department of Civil Aviation




15 min 31 sec

Awards & Achievement
  • 2015 Bronze world medal at the New York Festival of TV and Films
  • 2014 Gold World Medal & Two Finalist Awards by New York based International TV & Film Festival.
  • 2014 Silver Dolphin at the Fifth Annual Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards.