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BASF is one of the largest global chemical companies. Communicating with staff across the world can be challenging. In 2012 the new CEO was visiting Dubai to address the MENA region and share his vision for the company through a town hall event. There were a number of challenges, firstly the information was likely to be very dry in content and needed to be brought to life through an engaging approach. Bringing a town hall live presentation to life is not the easiest of tasks. Secondly, we were not informed what the content of the CEO’s presentation would be, which meant we filmed his speech in the morning and had the rest of the shoot day to film relevant general views that would fit with his message. The film was also always going to be very dependent on stock footage as he addressed topics ranging from the oil and gas industry to the growth in population so sourcing footage that would work well with our shoot and style was also important. We chose to film a series of aesthetic and impactful macro shots, which illustrated a number of the themes that were addressed and worked very well both visually and given the time constraints on filming. Graphical titles and music as well as sound design play a big part in keeping the energy of the film alive. The film was distributed through the companies global intranet communicating to staff the CEO’s message and vision going forward. The film went on to win a Silver World Medal at the New York Festivals International Television and Film Awards in 2013 in the category of Direction for our creative director, Sofia De Fay.




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