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The owner of The Well Woman Clinic, Dr. Houriya Kazim has always found educating and supporting her patients and women in the region of primary importance when it comes to Breast Cancer and Breast Surgery. As the founder of Brest Friends, a local Emirati foundation supporting breast cancer awareness, she has always found local resources to be very minimal. Dr. Houriya decided to take the challenge on herself and commissioned Ti22 Films to produce a series of patient exercise videos. The brief was to create clear, easy to follow and understand as well as aesthetically pleasing videos that can be handed to breast surgery patients after surgery to support them on their road to recovery. The films were shot in one shoot day in a studio where we built the sets from scratch, allowing us to create a very white, clean and peaceful ambience. It was very important that these videos appealed to women from the region so we chose three very distinct women for the video a local Emirati survivor in her 50s, an Indian female in her late 30s and a young Lebanese female in her late 20s. Having a cross section of ages and nationalities would appeal to a wider audience. As well as this, the films were created in 9 different languages from Farsi to Hindi to Arabic etc. On completion of the films, Dr. Houriya ensured that the DVDs were distributed at clinics across the region to support patients. The films went on to win both a Silver World Medal for ‘Directing’ and a Bronze World Medal for ‘Cinematography’ at the 2012 New York Festivals International Television and Film Awards.

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