Dubai International Poetry Festival
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About the project

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The Mohammed Ben Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation had an ambitious project ahead of them, the inaugural Dubai International Poetry Festival. For the very first time, international poets were being invited and celebrated in a week-long festival supported by His Royal Highness Sheikh Mohammed. The video that would open the ceremony had to leave an impact, but also had to bring the history of poetry full circle to the event itself. With yet another 10 day feat, and a very limited budget, as per our brief, we took a very poetic approach telling the history of poetry through some of the key poets in time and their words. Linking them to different eras and regions bringing us all the way to modern day Dubai and the festival. There are no professional cast in this film or staged locations as we had to be creative to achieve a high impact film with limited resources. Stock footage has been used to add some of the international flavor and add the element of scale. We have used animation and music to add an extra dimension to the film. The film went on to win a Finalist Award in the ‘Arts & Humanities’ category at the 2010 New York Festivals International Television and Film Awards.
Awards & Achievement

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