Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA)
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About the project

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The 75 year old Open Skies Policy, is the key agreement which has impacted the growth of the aviation sector. This policy was signed by Sheikh Saeed 3 generations ago, and the growth of the aviation industry has gone from strength to strength through the reign his son Sheikh Rashid and now with Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum. To celebrate this accomplishment, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority released three commemorative stamps, one for each ruler, in December 2014. These stamps were to be revealed to the public at a celebratory event in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum and important dignitaries. DCAA requested a film to highlight the impact the three rulers have had on the aviation industry and how they have paved the way for an exciting and prosperous future. To convey this tale, we created a narrative with a grandson reading a letter left to him by his grandfather. His grandfather telling him all about the glorious past and ensuring those memories are taken into the vision for the future. Having produced a documentary for DCAA, we were in a position to utilize our extensive archive research to bring the story to life and through a one day shoot filmed a number of scenes with our grandfather and grandson to make the story more relatable for a modern audience. The Director General at DCCA commented that he found this film even more touching and inspiring than our earlier documentary. Through Open Skies went on to win a Finalist Award at the 2016 New York Festival International Television and Film Awards in the category of Direction.
Awards & Achievement

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