City of Hope
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About the project

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Our very first Ti22 Films production launched our company with a bang in 2008. The project came together over a ten-day period in February 2008 in support of a women’s shelter in Dubai called City of Hope, which now forms part of the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children. Ti22 Films supported the charity as part of a CSR initiative and were joined by several contributors in the industry notably Filmquip Media who donated equipment, Kodak Cinelabs Dubai who donated film stock and lab services and the ad also utilized the talent of a number of freelancers in the industry – that coupled with a generous donation from established property developer, Credo, made this production possible. The TVC follows a concept that tries to make viewers understand how it feels to be a victim. The commercial is abstract and does not show or display women being beaten or hurt, rather it is thought provoking and suggests violence, alienation and destruction in the imagery. The commercial was filmed across one very long shoot day – starting on location at our desert location, moving into a studio with a specifically designed and built set and ending with our underwater scene in a large swimming pool. The TVC was shot on 16mm film to give it more of a cinematic quality. The TVC was screened in UAE cinemas during the month of March 2008, which is dedicated to the awareness of empowering women starting with International Womens’ day on the 8th March. The commercial was also added to all DVD releases by Front Row Entertainment.
Awards & Achievement

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